Winterfelt.lt offers you the models of felt boots adapted to the modern life rhythm. They will certainly be loved by a person, who appreciates naturalness and comfort. The models offered by us have preserved and maintained the hugest advantages of felt – they are made of the top quality   100% sheep wool. Natural leather and natural fur is used in finishing.  

We offer models made of Italian or Russian felt. 

Due to production technologies and natural wool characteristics, our models are moisture resistant, maintain heat. They heat your feet as much as it is needed, your feet do not sweat in them. 

Winterfelt boots are moisture and mud resistant (however we shall not forget that felt boots are not rubber boots). You will remove dirt using a brush (a brush with natural bristle would suit the best).


Russian felt is produced using the wool fulling-mill technology. Thus the felt is made thicker and denser. This model is suitable to wear even to -30 degrees below zero. 

Italian felt is a bit thinner and softer. It is made using the wool needling technology. However such boots may be worn from the autumn to the very early spring. Felt boots are suitable to wear at the temperatures even to -20 degrees below zero. 

Only high quality natural leather is used for finishing of felt boots. Some models are even decorated with natural fur. 


The soles of Winterfelt.lt felt boots are made of the thermoelastoplast (TEP). He elasticity of caoutchouc is characteristic to this substance (it is especially elastic, cold resistant). The soles of such type are perfect at low temperatures, they are wear resistant. The special  TEPsoil minimises the risk of slipping walking on a wet asphalt or snow. Therefore, having selected Winterfelt.lt felt boots, you will feel not only comfortable or nice, but also safe.