RETURN POLICY. If the goods did not suit you for any reasons, you may return or replace them within 14 calendar days from the receipt thereof. The day of the receipt of the goods is considered to be the day, on which the Courier delivered you the product to the address specified by you and you (or any other person at the address specified by you) have accepted the product.

When you are returning or replacing the goods, please send us a message to e-mail address: info@winterfelt.lt. Such message shall include:
1.   The given name, surname of the sender (yours);
2.   The exact address including a postal code, where our courier should come to take the consignment prepared by you;
3.   The time of the taking of your consignment convenient to you from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on workdays;
4.   In case of return  -the number of your bank account. In the event if the money shall be returned to the account of another than the sender person, the given name, surname and bank account number of such person will be required.  We guarantee the confidentiality of your banking details. We guarantee that your banking details will not be used for other than the money repayment purposes.
5.   In case of replacement – the exact name and size of the acquired item (if the item is embroidered) as well as the name and size of the desired same model or the model for the same price.

Please note, that  -in case if you fail to include at least one of the five abovementioned issues, a Courier will not be sent.
The money will be repaid within 14 calendar days from the date of sending of the item. The day of sending of the item shall be considered the day, when our Courier accepted the item from you.
The goods will be replaced with the desired ones within 10 calendar days from the day of sending of the item to us.

Both refunding and replacing the goods, you obligate yourselves to pay transportation costs having received our additional invoice. 
A mandatory condition –items to be returned shall be in their original packaging, not worn, not smudged, not damaged mechanically or otherwise their visual appearance and quality shall not be impaired. The appearance of returned or replaced items will be assessed by our workers.
In presence of at least one visual or quality non-conformity, the money for the items will not be repaid and the items will not be replaced. In such case our workers will contact you individually concerning the taking back of the item.

We do not undertake any liability if you do not consider our recommendations and have not familiarised yourselves with the resent Rules, whereas such information was presented to you.