Winterfelt.lt felt boots are produced of the top quality 100% sheep wool. We offer you models made of Russian and Italian felt. Felt boots are perfectly breathable, they absorb and evaporate moisture, and therefore they maintain a constant body temperature. Due to such unique qualities, they heat perfectly in winter. However, it is not less important to take care of the appropriate maintenance of felt boots. It is really not complicated. Not forgetting several care rules, you will enjoy these perfect boots for a number of years!


  • Do not wash the felt boots in a washing machine, do not dry them in a drying machine. 

    •  Do not dry felt boots near heat sources (radiators, fireplaces, stoves, etc.) – this may damage the wool. 

    •  At the end of the season, make sure that your felt boots are clean. Keep the in a well ventilated room together with the moth repellents.

    •  Felt boots are not moisture permeable, however having returned from outdoors, shake off snow or remove it gently using a brush. Thus they will serve you longer!

    •  Use the means of leather care for the details of natural leather.